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With exceptional respect I have pleasure to inform You about our firm UNIPOL TRADING LIMITED COMPANY, established in May 1991 with domicile in Nicosia, Cyprus.



Unipol Trading Limited Co. u svom poslovanju ima tri osnovne delatnosti, a sinteza poslovanja je jedinstvena, a nosilac svih poslova je Unipol Trading Limited Co. prema trećim licima, a prate je eminentne banke sa Kipra i Evropske Unije.


First International Consortium Unipol, companies from Serbia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro,
Hungary and Cyprus in the field of construction and building equipment

The framework of activities of Unipol includes the First International Consortium Unipol, consisting of companies from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary and Cyprus, in the areas of construction works, materials and equipment.


Thanks to the composition of the First International Consortium Unipol, number of competent member companies and their experiences, abilities and capacities, we are able to cover the entire process of planning, design and construction of any construction complex, in accordance with highest European and World standards.

With technical and professional services of our urban planners, architects, consulting engineers, designers,  builders, qualified workforce and supervising officers, we are ready and willing to compete for any development project in Serbia and abroad.

Unipol has full capacity of its competent member companies to design and construct even most complex project in the fields of building, civil engineering, hydro technical works and other construction works.

First International Consortium Unipol in its work applies the approach of COMPREHENSIVE INTEGRATED PROJECT DEVELOPMENT whereby the activities of urban planning, design, construction and equipment of projects, irrespective of nature, magnitude and complexity, flow in continuous progression with a maximum of coordination of specialized member companies, mutual respect and cooperation with clients from public, corporate and private sector alike.

Member companies of the First International Consortium Unipol have gained an enormous experience, high rating and financial standing in the markets of Africa, Near and Middle East, Russia and other ex-USSR countries, EU members and other European countries, with emphasis on the region of South-East Europe, particularly the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Members of the First International Consortium Unipol (currently 15 in number) cover all the fields of construction, have full capacity in their respective activities and are eligible for issuance of Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds and other forms of valid bank guarantees and counter-guarantees to the Clients.