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My name is Kemal Derdžić and, by vocation, I am a holder of Diploma in Graphic Technology and Economy, as well as a licensed master of professional photography.

Since 1992, I have been engaged in international trade activities within the Unipol Trading Company Limited from Nicosia, Cyprus and its representative office in Belgrade, Serbia, as well as the organization of international business meetings.

I am the author of the Fifth International Forum Baščaršija at Skadarlija to be held in the magnificent, renovated lounge of the hotel Jugoslavija and the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce on September 12th, 2016.

In the framework of the international manifestation Baščaršija at Skadarlija, the Fifth International Forum of government representatives and business people from Southeast Europe and their counterparts from European Union, Russian Federation and other highly developed countries of the World will be held.

 This business and tourism manifestation will be complemented by a cultural event with artistic programme named Sijelo Sarajevskog Sevdaha (Sarajevo Sevdah Party) to take place in the evening of Sep-tember 12th, 2016, in an elite restaurant in Belgrade.

I am the author of the project – The First International Consortium Unipol, an association of compa-nies from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro and Cyprus in the field of construction and building equipment.

The fact is that specialized companies from the region of former Yugoslavia have common interest to enhance business cooperation in order to meet requirements of prospective investors and projects in the markets of: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa and, when conditions are improved, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, as well as Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Belarus and other ex-USSR states, members of EU and some other European countries with emphasis on states of former Yugoslavia and the region of South-East Europe in general.

 Projects are in the area of construction works and equipment, from planning and design to final completion, including production of building materials, external finishes, interior and equipment. All mentioned works will be executed to meet highest European and international standards.

 I am the author of the First, Second, Third and Fourth International Meeting of Government Represen-tatives and Businessmen form South-East Europe with Businessmen from the European Union, highly devel-oped countries from Asia and Russian Federation which took place from 1993 to 2009 in the conference hall and VIP lounges of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, conference hall of the Parliament of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in Novi Sad, and the Holiday Inn Hotel in Sarajevo.

These bisuness and tourism events are organized under the auspices of Heads of States, Prime Ministers, ministers, state institutions, media houses, radio, television, media houses and news agencies, chief editors, VIP guests from business and public life, as well as mayors, from the entire region.

I am also the author of the project: TIMBEX Co. – ECONOMIC DEVELOPENT FOR EXILED AND DISPLACED PERSONS FROM THE REGION OF BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA AND THEIR RETURN, which is currently in the process of realization.

 Furthermore, I am the author of the project of the First International Caravan of Friendship of Academic, Cultural and Artistic Associations from Balkan Towns, which will take place in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Athens, Skopje, Istanbul, Sofia, Bucharest and Tirana.

Kemal Derdžić, Dipl.Graph.Techn. & Oec.