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First International Consortium Unipol, companies from Serbia,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro,

Hungary and Cyprus in the field of construction and building equipment



Unipol ima u svom poslovanju i nadzor za izgradnju građevinskih objekata u visokogradnji i niskogradnji.

Unipol Trading Limited Co. hereby confirms the capacity and ability of its Board members and other professional experts to perform the construction supervision works in a responsible, conscious, expert and professional way in accordance with highest European and World standards.

Professional Supervision (“stručni nadzor”) includes technical and financial supervision with aim of a regular, comprehensive and timely monitoring and control of realisation of clauses of the construction contract and design documents during the duration of construction works. This is the best way to protect the Client’s interests, fully in accordance with applicable Planning and Construction Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina ili drugih država Evrope i regije.

Prior to commencement of supervision works, the Project Supervision Team is obliged to be fully acquainted with the construction design documents, supplied by the Client, as well as the contractual and normative documentation applicable to the Project or parts thereof.

Supervision Works are to be performed by the Project Supervision Team, for and on behalf of the Client. The Project Supervision Team is responsible to pro-tect all Client’s interests while adhering to the law.

Construction design documents should consist of: Final/Main Design (“glavni projekat”) and Construction Drawings (“izvođački projekat“) together with workshop drawings, details and specifi­cations, as well as Bills of Quantities with or without prices (“predmer I predračun”). Project Supervision Team is to peruse all supplied documents and identify possible faults, errors or shortcomings, in order to avoid future additional and unforeseen works.

One of the most complex parts of construction is: securing the foundation pit. In case of incomplete or inadequate design of this section, Unipol team can provide experienced experts offering the most reasonable solutions.

A particular attention is to be paid to the schedule of works, thus enabling savings both in the construction timeline and the quality of works. Specialized programme packages (“Primavera” and alike), enabling constant monitoring and smooth Project realisation, are to be purchased and applied.